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Bear Sense

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Black bears are common throughout the park. Their diet usually consists of plants, berries, insects, and occasionally, carrion and fish. Black bears are generally shy animals that are unaccustomed to and avoid people; however, their behaviour is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. A few common 'bear sense' precautions can help to avoid an unwelcome encounter.blackbear1.JPG (15876 bytes)

Keep a tidy campsite: store all foods, toiletries, cosmetics and non-combustible garbage in air tight containers. Odorous foods, buried garbage or dirty utensils may lure a bear into your camping area.
transparent-spacer610wx55h.gif (281 bytes) Suspend food containers at least 3 meters (10 feet) above the ground and 2 meters (7 feet) from a tree trunk or overhanging branches, away from the campsite. Burn combustible garbage. Never bury food scraps.

Never cook in or near your tent or store foods, toiletries or cosmetics in your tent. As an extra precaution, change clothes before retiring for the night. Clothing that may carry the scent of food can be stored outside the tent.When cleaning fish, do so on a rock shoal or shoreline far away from the campsite. Fish remains should be left on an exposed rocky spot on the shoreline of a small island, above the water line where gulls, eagles, mink or weasels can scavenge them quickly.

Make noise when you portage or hike through thick bush. If you do encounter a bear, stand up and face the animal, talk using an assertive voice and slowly retreat by walking backwards. Hold and slowly wave your arms or an object above your head to make yourself appear as large as possible.

Do not play dead. Most bears will be scared away by yelling or by the banging of cooking pots and the waving of arms and paddles. A loud 'show of strength' is most effective if several people work together.



Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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