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Bed & Breakfasts

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leftservicecap.gif (424 bytes) WABAKIMI WILDERNESS ECOLODGE & OUTFITTERS
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  Visit our website: www.wabakimi.com

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Wabakimi WildWaters Outfitters is your service oriented outfitter for Wabakimi Wilderness Park, where we've been running wilderness trips since 1976.

We are especially proud of our elegant new B&B with 8 bedrooms, huge common room with a spectacular lake view, fireplace, trip planning room and library, and hearty meals. It is a great way to begin or end a wilderness adventure... or as a destination spot to recreate and relax. It is perfect for a business retreat or family reunion! It is open year round...activities onclude fishing, canoeing and kayaking, and nearby trails for hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling.

From our base we provide:

-Wabakimi maps, Information
-Custom Trip Planning
-Floatplane Services for Wabakimi, Albany River and     Lake Nipigon ( Otter, Beaver, Norseman, Super Cub)
-Canoe Trips (either guided or unguided)
-High-Quality fly-in fishing outposts, with excellent fishing for walleye, pike & trout
-Wilderness Log Cabin Retreats (access by rail, floatplane, paddle) for naturalist or families
-Guided Ecotours
-Equipment (rentals and sales) including the best Kevlar canoes made... from Souris River
-Full or partial outfitting
-Shuttles (Trains, planes and vans); safe parking
-Lake Nipigon 59' Charter boat for kayaking, naturalists, fishing
-Winter activities too!

Your hosts are Bruce and Margaret Hyer and Bill Smith.


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See Our Website:


Thunder Bay Phone:
(807) 767-2022
Armstrong Phone:
(807) 583-2626

Thunder Bay Fax:
(807) 768-8149
Armstrong Fax:
(807) 583-2822

Thunder Bay Mailing Address:
RR #14, Dog Lake Road
Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
P7B 5E5

Armstrong Mailing Address:
Frontier Trail, Highway 527
Armstrong, Ontario, Canada
P0T 1A0


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Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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