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Wabakimi Provincial Park is a world-class canoeing and recreational area in the heart of Northwestern Ontario. Home of the elusive woodland caribou, and renowned for its high quality fly-in fishing and hunting, it is one of the world's largest Boreal Forest reserves and wilderness canoeing areas.

small_regional_map.gif (14954 bytes)Originally established in 1983, Wabakimi was expanded almost six-fold in 1997, bringing the park to its current size of 892,061 hectares (8,920 square kilometres, 3,444 square miles, or almost 2.3 million acres). It is now the second largest park in the Ontario Parks system (the largest is Polar Bear Provincial Park, near Hudson Bay).


Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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