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Low Impact

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Suggestions for low-impact camping:

Camp at known campsites. There are no designated campsites in the park, however, your outfitter may be able to identify the most aesthetic campsites on your selected route.

Use existing stone fireplaces rather than create a new fire scar. Better still, use a gas stove rather than an open fire for cooking. Stoves reduce the need for firewood and they work well when the woods are soaking wet. They can also be used safely, if extreme fire hazard conditions prohibit all open fires. Fire bans, known as Restricted Fire Zones, are not uncommon during the hot, dry summer months.

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Collect dead wood for the evening fire away from campsites. Often a short paddle along the shoreline will provide more dead wood than the areas adjacent to the campsite.
Practice a pack-in/pack-out, “no trace” camping philosophy. Good campers have adopted a practice of leaving their campsite cleaner than when they found it.



Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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