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Wabakimi Provincial Park portage cleanup well underway...
On October 24, 2001, about 40 - 50 cm (18") of wet snow fell in the Wabakimi Provincial Park area, and was followed by high winds. This storm caused extensive tree damage in the form of broken tops and blowdown over a very large area, and hit the southeastern quadrant of Wabakimi harshly. Work is ongoing to clear the park portages.
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The Future of Wabakimi...

2002 will see Wabakimi Provincial Park begin development of its first Management Plan. The Management Plan will provide direction for the protection planning, development and management of the resources and attributes of the park. Public consultation is an important part of this process. Be sure to subscribe if you wish to have your name added to the project mailing list.

Additional information on this project will also be posted on this website as it becomes available.

Background information on management plan development
for Ontario's provincial parks can be found
on the Ontario parks website: http://www.ontarioparks.com/manag.html

Or contact us with you questions or comments.



Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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