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Recreational Opportunities

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Wabakimi is vast...

Almost twice the size of Quetico Provincial Park, Wabakimi provides a blend of remote recreational opportunities. While quickly becoming an important area for superb wilderness canoeing, some of ianimated_campfire.gif (35327 bytes)ts larger lakes have fly-in lodges and outposts, with fishermen in motorboats enjoying some of the best fishing in North America.


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Wabakimi Park offers world-class canoeing opportunities, including over 2000 kilometres of lake and river travel. Some of the major canoe routes include the Allanwater, Flindt, Pikitigushi, and Ogoki Rivers, and while most of these rivers offer whitewater opportunities, for the less adventuresome, almost all river obstacles are by-passed by portages.

Click here for more information on other parks in the region. Other Canoeing Parks in the Region:

Kopka Waterway Park: Adjoining Wabakimi’s southern boundary, the Kopka is a picturesque river of whitewater and scenic waterfalls, interspersed with sizeable lakes, which terminates at Lake Nipogon.

Brightsand Waterway Park: An excellent canoeing river, the Brightsand adjoins Wabakimi Park (and the Allanwater River) from the south, and is accessible from the Graham Road, which runs north from Highway 17 near Upsala.

Albany Waterway Park: This long, vast river runs touches the most northerly tip of Wabakimi, and provides a big river experience. The experienced canoeist can follow this waterway all the way to Hudson Bay.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park: A boreal canoeing area similar to Wabakimi, this park also has a woodland caribou herd, and offers 1600 km. of scenic paddling. Woodland Caribou Park lies west of Red Lake, adjacent to the Manitoba border.

Quetico Provincial Park: A canoeing area of international renown, Quetico has a myriad of canoe routes offering a variety of wilderness experiences. Lying south of the town of Atikokan, Ontario, Quetico Provincial Park abuts the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in Minnesota.

For more information on additional canoeing Visit the the Ontario Parks Website: www.ontarioparks.com


The fishing in Wabakimi Provincial Park is legendary, particularly for walleye and northern pike. ‘Catch and release’ methods are encouraged. A valid Ontario Fishing Licence is required. Information on fishing regulations and licences is available through outfitters and through the Ministry of Natural Resources office in Thunder Bay.


Some lodge and outpost camp operators offer fall fly-in moose hunting packages in the park expansion area. Aboriginal hunting and trapping activities are permitted throughout the park.


There are 7 mainbase lodges and 40 fly-in outpost camps within the park.

Wilderness Retreats / Ecotours:

Wabakimi offers some of the finest northern wilderness on the continent, and is becoming increasingly attractive to those seeking a retreat or educational experience. Some of the commercial lodge and outpost operators offer excellent hospitality with family opportunities for backcountry experiences. These include: boat and canoe exploration, day trips, ecotours, wildlife viewing, sun bathing, swimming, berry picking, relaxation, and peace and quiet. Several outfitters offer guided canoe trips where one can learn whitewater skills, or learn more about the natural history of Wabakimi.

For further information regarding tourist operators offering these services contact:

North of Superior
Tourism Association (NOSTA)


Armstrong Resource
Development Corporation (ARDC)


Patricia Regional Tourist Council

The park area also offers exceptional opportunities for combined natural and cultural history adventures. Some of the native communities are beginning to develop excursions with an Aboriginal guide. For more information about a guided Wabakimi experience from one of these small northern communities, please contact:

Lake Superior First Nations
Development Trust



Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System.

Wabakimi is one of over 270 parks in the Ontario Parks System. Click here to visit the Ontario Parls Website - www.OntarioParks.com
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